The Idaho Syringa Dairy Goat Association is a Non-Profit Organization Established in 1972. It is intended that this association shall provide a network for members to share ideas, support each other and come together to do what other wise could not be done. Our course of action is to work together cooperatively and positively for common cause, and to increase the interests and knowledge of the Dairy Goat.

More specifically we aspire:
A. To promote Dairy Goats and Dairy Goat products.
B. To educate members and the public about Dairy Goats, their care, management, problems and practices.
C.  To encourage breed improvement through use of quality registered bucks and does
D. To sponsor and/or support Dairy Goat shows that will help members and the public become aware of and value quality Dairy Goats.
E.  To improve public awareness through promotional events (clinics, sales, products, fun events, good PR, Dairy Goat shows, youth and Adult showmanship classes and effective displays that provide positive messages.).
F.  We are dedicated to supporting the 4-H, FFA and other youth Dairy Goat programs for……OUR FUTURE.